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Sarnic Cistern Restaurant


Sarnic Cistern Restaurant

Just beside Ayasofya, in Istanbul, you will find a Roman cistern as old as Ayasofya itself.
This extraordinary building, with its massive stone columns and its lofty brick domes, stands at the head of a row of guesthouse forming the narrow “Soğukçeşme” Street between Topkapı Palace walls and St. Sophia.

The Turkish Touring and Automobile Association converted the old houses of “Soğukçeşme” Street into a row of guesthouse, cleaned out the 1600 years old Roman Cistern, which was unfortunately used as a car repair workshop untill recently.

The present floor level reaches to a debt of seven meters but investigations had shown that the six large, massive, single-piece columns descend three meters below this grounded level. The original room has been preserved exactly as it was. The only addition to this cistern is a fire-place in the ancient style. Tis fine Roman Cistern Restaurant simply named “Sarnıç Restaurant” in turkish, which gives the literal description of the building.

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During even the hottest days of summer, the cistern remains pleasantly cool, while in the evening it is filled with mysterious light provided by flickering candles. The dim yellow light from the wrought iron candlesticks fill the interior with all shades of history.

The Cistern Tavern. A witness and a record of the great, dramatic synthesis formed in the identity of the city Istanbul which was the capital of three great empires during three thousand years.

A restaurant of the "Republican" period in a "Roman" building at an "Ottoman" street.

Capacity of the restaurant for a coctail party: 250
Capacity of the restaurant for a party in sitting order: 105

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